How to Communicate Effectively in Business Meetings

Network freely, communicate well and use ScanBizCards for everything else

If you want your business to thrive these days, you have to concentrate on more than just closing the final sales deals. You have got to engage with your customers and collaborate effectively with your team.

But, how will you achieve that?

The answer is simple: you have to communicate effectively so as to get your point across to your target audience without hassle. That said, you cannot achieve this all alone. You require the assistance of various apps available online to makes things easier for entrepreneurs including contact management apps, business card scanning apps, CRM tools and so and so forth.

Today, we will discuss some important things that can come in handy while communicating in business meetings.

1. Download a Business Card Scanning App

Communication comes way after networking. So, first and foremost, you have to concentrate on networking freely.

But networking can be a lot of hassle. Sometimes, marketers end up losing all the contacts they acquired in an event or a networking meeting. Even if they carefully retain all the acquired business cards, they end up mixing up the contacts or entering the wrong data.

This is where business card scanning apps come into play.

Business card scanning apps like ScanBizCards allow you to save all the contact details by clicking a quick picture. And you know the best part about such card scanning apps? They automatically export all the contact details directly into Salesforce, which again saves you a lot of time.

With so much time on your hands and an effective contact list, you can now concentrate on your meeting and can follow-up with your networks after a day or two.

2. Talk Less, Listen More

This doesn’t mean that you have to sit quietly, curbing your curiosity in the business meetings. What we technically mean is that, instead of talking utter gibberish, or something that doesn’t add any value to the meeting, focus on listening to your peers and prospects.

Once you understand the point the other person is trying to make, you will be able to communicate way more effectively. Give your utmost attention to the speaker, and then put forth your points and give well-research insights. And if you missed a point, or are having a hard time getting your head around something, politely ask the speaker to elaborate or repeat their point.

Rest, you don’t have to worry about interrupting them to ask for their contact details as you now have a business card scanning app in place. Just collect their business card after the meeting, or when you are done interacting with them so that you can store their contact details in peace afterward.

3. Prepare Beforehand & Support Your Point

Talk is cheap.

If only I had a penny for every time this time-honored adage turns out to be correct!

Don’t fall in the same category. Prepare your points backed by extensive research before participating in a business meeting. When you support your points with credible stats or case studies, it adds to the value of your talk to a very large extent.

In fact, people are more inclined to believe what you say when you give them real-life examples or data that support your claims.

4. Pay Close Attention to Body Language

Oftentimes, sales professionals fail to pay attention to the body language of the speaker. They don’t realize how big of a mistake it is to undermine this aspect of communication.

In fact, according to the statistics, during face to face meetings, 93% of people’s judgment of others are based on non-verbal inputs like sales body language.

Don’t forget that it is a two-way process. While you can get an idea about your client’s decision or inclination towards your product, your client can also build their perspective about you based on your body language.

For instance, seemingly minute things like making eye contact and sitting straight show that you are sincere and confident. Also, if your client is staring off into the distance or slouching in their seats, it resonates with the belief that what you are saying doesn’t make sense to them.

So, learn to pick up body language and at the same time make sure to use a correct body language yourself.

Summing it all up…

If you pay close attention to all the above-mentioned points, you will be able to make tremendous strides towards improving your communication abilities in business meetings.

Most importantly, during busy meetings and events where you have to collect hundreds of business cards, professional tools like business card scanning apps will help you remain cool so that you don’t crack under pressure.

So, use these tips carefully and face important business meetings like a pro!