Top 7 Apps for Entrepreneurs

If you are an entrepreneur, there is no escaping the fact that you would always have something or the other to keep you busy. There’s always so much to do and so much to manage that you would never have enough time to accomplish everything—unless you are smart about managing your work.

How will you achieve that? Is there an app in the market to help you?

In fact, not just one, the internet is flooded with apps for each of your problems.

Here are the top 7 apps that every entrepreneur should consider using to streamline their work and make the most of their time.

1. ScanBizCards – The Professional Business Card Reader App

“Your Key to a More Productive Sales Force”


Gone are the days when you had to manually enter the data into your devices. These days, entrepreneurs are relying on card scanning apps such as the ScanBizCards app. This business card scanning app comes in handy when you are attending an important business conference and want to add tons of contact information on your mobile phone. Once the card reader app scans the business card, it uploads contact information into your Salesforce CRM within seconds.

If you are a Salesforce user and want to use the ScanBizCards app to its potential best, then consider using the enterprise package. The ScanBizCards enterprise package not only enables you to scan as many cards as you want but also offers attractive features including a dedicated admin panel offering custom control over all associated apps, lead & campaign assignment and more.

2. Drop Box

“A modern workspace designed to reduce busywork—so you can focus on the things that matter”

Dropbox is one of the most popular apps in the business world. If you want to keep your documents organized without going through any hassle, then Dropbox is the business app for you. It delivers instant connectivity and enables you to share important documents with any device through the cloud-based storage system.

This app is especially useful for entrepreneurs who are finding it hard to share information through email. And we don’t blame you – we know how tough it can be to go back-and-forth with the emails. Juxtaposed to emailing, Dropbox allows you to put your files in one common place which can then be shared with your colleagues.

3. Buffer

“Saves time by managing social media for your business”

This list wouldn’t be complete without Buffer, a powerful social media tool. Every entrepreneur today knows the importance of social media – your brand presence is questionable without a social media base. Buffer helps you schedule your posts across all the social media platforms and manage all your social media campaigns. It makes sure that you get the most out of your social media efforts.

With Buffer, you can allay the worries for your social media strategy while focusing on other departments. While you work on other things, you can always stay assured since Buffer will be taking care of your social media branding.

4. Slack

“Your hub for teamwork”

Slack is one of the most sophisticated instant messaging platforms for businesses. It helps you to connect with your whole team throughout the day. You can send in the messages directly to your team and colleagues, and can even group each department separately. One of the best things about slack is that the conversations are searchable by everyone, so you don’t have to worry about losing any important information.

This cloud-based professional messaging platform is currently used by over 4 million professionals around the world owing to its easy collaborative layout.

5. FreshBooks

“Business invoicing and accounting solutions under one single virtual platform”

I love accounting – said no one ever. And this is where FreshBooks comes in to save the day. FreshBooks is an accounting software that helps you streamline your business invoices and accounting solutions by automating everything.

With FreshBooks, effectively manage:

  • Invoicing
  • Expense tracking
  • Tracking Timelines
  • Storing conversations, files, and feedback\
  • Faster payments, automatic deposits
  • Comprehensible reports
  • Connectivity with clients.

Moreover, FreshBooks is a cloud-based app, therefore, you can securely access it anytime, and from any device including your computer system, phone, and tablet.

6. Evernote

“Focus on what matters the most with this note-taking app”

Evernote is one of the best, if not the best note-taking app. Each and every entrepreneur must have the Evernote app installed in their device. After all, you might come across an idea worth noting anytime and anywhere.

What makes Evernote stand out from the legions of many other note-taking apps available is its ability to clip-on content directly from the web. With the Evernote web clipper, you can save web pages, add tags and access them later on. Moreover, Evernote supports various file formats like PDF. This means that you can even save ebooks, and visual content to access them later in the day.

7. Google Analytics

“Helps you monitor your business on the go”

Google Analytics is unarguably one of the most robust web analytics app available today. I doubt there’s an enterprise that hasn’t used Google Analytics to monitor the traction their business is getting. From your social media success to your website traffic, Google Analytics provides an insight of all your business efforts.

Here are the attributes that Google Analytics keep track of:

  • Mode of traffic – desktop, mobile or a tablet?
  • Bounce rate
  • Conversion rate
  • Visitor demographics including their language and location
  • Social engagement statistics

And the best part is that Google Analytics does all this for free.

Summing It All Up

From ScanBizCards app to Buffer and from Slack to Google Analytics, all the apps come in handy for an Entrepreneur. However, make sure that you use these apps or any other apps cautiously and sensibly lest you end up falling prey to an unanticipated yet devastating data breach.

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