The Role of the Smartphone In B2B Lead Generation

It’s fair to say that the smartphone is pretty much our lifeline now. If you’re part of a sales or marketing team, the smartphone is one of the most powerful tools you have.

We use our smartphones to schedule meetings, talk to prospects, set reminders, send emails on the go, to make calls, of course, and do plenty of other jobs – the list is quite a long one. What you can do with your smartphone depends on how you set it up. With the right mobile marketing tactics, and the right apps installed on it, sales and marketing teams can truly make the smartphone an important lead generation tool. Want to know how? Read on.

How marketing teams can leverage the smartphone

Optimizing your landing pages for mobile lead capture

With users increasingly using mobiles for browsing, it’s essential to build your landing pages for a great mobile experience. By ensuring your website pages are responsive and optimized for mobile devices, you’ll be able to generate more qualified leads, faster. Simple designs work best when it comes to designing pages for mobiles.

    • When you have a simple design and clear CTAs, the pages load easily on mobile devices. Quick loading ensured a lower bounce rate.
    • Avoid designs that complicate the touch functionality as users with chubby or unstable hands might find your site a tad tough to use. Optimize your pages for ease of use.
    • Depending how you get user consent, you can use location data from GPS and header information to auto-fill lead information as much as is possible.

Generating leads using pay-per-call and SMS marketing

There are two ways that are very unique to a phone through which leads can be captured quickly.

    • Using pay-per-call can help you to generate leads automatically. This can be done by forwarding qualified calls to the IVR or to an inbound sales team. Setting up a pay-per-call campaign is not very difficult as there are many vendors who provide this service. Make sure your phone number on the website and Google business listing is clickable.
    • SMS marketing campaigns are another great way to generate mobile-driven leads. While not all of your prospects will fill in an online form right away, you can do regular follow-ups directly.

Building a native app for quicker access to customer information

A native app is installed directly on the smartphone and, based on the nature of the app, it can even work without any internet connectivity. Native apps are built for iOS and Android phones and hence deliver a great experience to users across different operating systems. The advantage with native apps is that these apps can extract a lot of information about your prospects – like the email ID and phone number and more – directly into the app. This creates key data streams for companies and brings down the time that a user would otherwise take to fill in and submit a form.

Optimizing for local search

Marketers are increasingly focused on capturing buyer internet through micro-moments. A prospect can have a sudden need for information or a service while driving, in a meeting, or simply walking on the road! With thorough preparedness, a company can turn these miscor moments into a conversion, quick revenue, or at least, capture new data points leading to greater awareness about the ideal client profile. Lead generation today is thus not only about who the prospective buyers are, but also knowing where they are, and thus positioning your brand in those locations and searches.

Mobile phones, with the help of RFID and app technology, help organizations to connect with potential clients within a particular radius of their location.

Using Clear and Simple Calls-to-Action to get more inbound leads

, always think about the end user experience and how your users will see your CTAs appearing on different mobile devices such as iPhones, Android phones, iPads and tablets. Find the right balance between visually appealing and distinct CTAs so the content is not too distracting on the small mobile screen. Make sure the text or image of your CTA is clear, concise and easily readable.

Responding to prospects’ inquiries on the go

Even if your clients are in different parts of the world and in different time zones, when they have a query, they expect a quick TAT. Hence, you need to be present round the clock for them. This is where a smartphone acts as a powerful tool because it will help you to respond to their inquiries or issues without actually having to sit in office to take calls or reply to emails etc. With increased customer satisfaction, you will thus be building on your brand’s equity.and speeding up the sales cycle.

Another popular channel where marketers interact with prospects is social media. Having popular social media apps on your smartphone, like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, will be of great help to you – you can engage with the audience on the go. The more you engage and keep in touch, the more your prospects will remember your brand – thus helping in generating new qualified leads.

How sales teams can leverage the smartphone

Using lead capture apps to get more leads

Events, shows, conferences, meetings – all lead to collection of hundreds of business cards. You’d be surprised that more than 80 percent of these business cards gather dust in drawers and are forgotten and are never followed up with because they never make it to the CRM. With a business card scanner app like ScanBizCards on your smartphone, all of your contact information from business cards is easily saved. The app scans the contact information which is then saved on your address book or exported to a CRM or email marketing system.

Having the contact details of all leads in one place will help you because now making calls and sending emails becomes quicker, you will know where each lead is in the sales funnel, and also be able to add notes about each lead which can come to use at a later date. With this app you will also be able to capture contacts from your incoming emails which can be exported to popular CRMs such as Salesforce, Hubspot, and many more.

Removing duplicate contacts and cleaning up your address book

A sales rep will have thousands of contacts on the address book. Often, a lot of these contacts have duplicate entries. It is an extremely time-consuming task to check for duplicates in an address book. Using apps such as the CleanUp Duplicates app you can easily deduplicate contacts without any errors. With the ability to check around 5,000 contacts in 45 seconds, it is indeed one of the best productivity apps for the iPhone and iPad. A must-have app for sales teams.

    • You can choose the merge level on the app – right from a complete matching to a variety of partial matching.
    • Once the app checks for duplicates you can remove them from your address book.
    • Since the app creates a backup of your address book before cleaning, you can rest assured that no date will get lost.

The premium version of the app comes at a nominal cost of $0.99. You can analyze your address book and get a full preview of duplicates for free before you decide to upgrade.

Keeping your contact information organized

Keeping your address book both up-to-date and free from duplicate entries will help to keep all your contact information organized. Using a professional address book manager, such as the CircleBack app for iOS and Android phones will help you to do this effortlessly. With this app you can also capture contacts from email signatures.

    • You can connect various mailboxes like Office 365, on the app.
    • Before it begins to sync the address book, it takes a backup of all contacts. Hence, no data is lost while using this app.
    • When a contact in your address book makes a change to their contact info (such as job title, company, location, email or phone) the app updates you automatically that a new contact update is available.
Summing up

Sales is no longer about sitting inside offices and talking to leads for hours at a stretch, a smartphone is now the tool that helps to generate leads and also to make sales. After all, sales is so much about interpersonal relationships. Use your smartphone as a powerful sales tool, and accomplish more.