New Release: We’re Thrilled To Bring New Updates And Improvements On ScanBizCards

See What’s New With ScanBizCards

ScanBizCards Salesforce Managed Package 

  • You can now create Tasks & Notes in Salesforce for all of your scanned cards to map with their respective Leads or Contacts
  • You can now filter a list of accounts using Account Record types
  • We’ve made a few bug fixes to improve the overall user experience

ScanBizCards iOS App 

  • We’ve created a new, intuitive user experience for our Quick Scan feature
  • We’ve introduced a new Onboarding experience 
  • We now support multiple foreign languages for card scanning
  • We’ve added additional utilities for saving scanned cards including ‘Assign to a Folder’ and ‘Send Quick Intro’ message.
  • You can now send multiple intro messages to your newly added contacts from scanned business cards
  • We’ve made a few bug fixes to improve the app experience 

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