Mobile Apps for B2B Sales and Marketing Teams

There is always a lot on the marketers’ plate. From meeting deadlines, to execution of strategies, to measuring the results – sales and marketing teams are always looking at new ways to get their tasks done more efficiently and effectively. In this blog post, we will talk about mobile apps that are reshaping B2B sales and marketing and helping teams to stay productive.

Contacts and Address Book Management


If you’re looking for a solution to keep your address book up-to-date and free from duplicate entries, CircleBack is the app for you. This contact management software app acts as a professional address book organizer.

    • The app can be easily connected with Office 365,, Hotmail, MSN.
    • All your contacts will be maintained in one place.
    • Email signatures can be captured to find new contacts on the app.
    • No data is ever lost as a backup of all contacts is taken before details of the leads are synced with the address book.
    • Whenever a contact in your address book updates their contact information such as phone, title, company etc., you get notified that an update is available.

Check out CircleBack for iOS here and Android here

CleanUp Duplicates

This is a popular contact manager for iOS devices that helps to quickly remove duplicate contacts. In fact, it can check approximately 5,000 contacts in 45 seconds. It gives error-free results on different sources like Gmail and iCloud. The user is able to stay in control even though this app auto runs. For instance, before the scanning the contacts’ information starts the user can configure the merge level to a complete or a partial matching. The app checks for duplicates based on the chosen configuration post which all double entries can be removed from your address book. Data never gets lost as the app creates a backup of your address book before duplicates are checked for. Even though the premium version of the app comes at a cost, you can analyze your address book and get a full preview of duplicates for free before you decide on an upgrade.

Check out Cleanup Duplicate Contacts for iOS

Meetings and Events Lead Capture

When it comes to B2B marketing strategies, studies have shown that 91% of businesses place a lot of emphasis on live events. There are some mobile apps that will help you to gain a better ROI when you are hosting / participating in an event online or offline.


Calendly is the app that will help you with all your scheduling meetings and tasks. This saves times for the reps and also speeds up sales. When you have a meeting or call or a virtual conference lined up, this app will help you to schedule appointments with your prospects. All you need to do is to set your availability preference and share the link with the leads. They will then pick the time that suits them the best which gets added onto the rep’s calendar.

    • The app integrates with CRM apps, like Salesforce, once the appointments are fixed, you can update the same on the CRM.
    • It integrates with Outlook, Office 365, iCloud and Google calendars. Hence, all calendars get checked which prevents any dual-bookings.

Check out Calendly for iOS here and Android here


If you want to maximize your ROI from the shows and events that you host and participate in then you must download the ScanBizCards app on your smartphone. It is one of the best business card scanner apps on the market today, It helps to easily and quickly capture the contact information from physical business cards and conference badges with the help of Optical Character Recognition. This data is directly exported to a CRM. This app is an extremely versatile lead capture and contact management software,

    • It can also scan conference badges.
    • Leading CRMs and email marketing systems can be easily integrated with the app. For example, Salesforce, Hubspot.
    • It has a Human Transcription feature for bulk scans and exports or to save hard to read cards wherein you can get business cards transcribed manually. For this there are some free transcription credits and more can be purchased in-app.

Currently, with events being cancelled due to COVID-19 and with limited opportunities for sales and marketing teams to go out and network, ScanBizCards is a great way to consolidate l;eads from business cards and have them centralized on the CRM or email marketing system.

Additionally, the app can capture contact information from all email exchanges, creating new sources of leads from your inbox.

Check out ScanBizCards for iOS here and Android here


With features that will help you to design websites for events, Bizzabo is one of the most popular event management platforms. This app will also enable you to:

    • Send promotional emails
    • Get back in touch with those who don’t finish the registration process
    • Give incentives to those who provide referrals

After an event, marketers can also use the app to get insights about which campaign performed well and which were the most effective channels that helped with registration.

Check out Bizzabo for iOS here and Android here

Web and App Analytics

It is through website analytics that marketers can understand customer behaviour better. For example, it helps one to understand how customers interact with the content on the website. Insights obtained from such data helps organizations to create action plans that will help to get the best returns from the web content. Some of the apps that best help with web analytics are below.

Google Analytics

Google Analytics, one of the best digital analytics software, will help you to frame better marketing strategies for your business. It is Google’s free web analytics service. It helps marketers to:

    • Find out more about those who visit your website and why they leave. This will allow you to analyze in-depth detail about the visitors on your website
    • Measure your advertising ROI
    • Data reports can be accessed quickly and reports can be customised
    • Know what customers are searching for after they have entered the website

Check out Google Analytics for iOS here and Android here

Appfigures Mobile

Appfigures Mobile, the mobile app for Appfigures lets you track your apps’ analytics, do ASO and run competitor analysis. Appfigures offers extensive intelligence on your apps’ performance and lets you monitor, optimize, and grow downloads of your apps. With
Appfigures, you can:

    • Track sales revenue numbers, usage metrics, market performance, and user feedback (reviews and rating) from every market around the world
    • Get a detailed breakdown of your apps’ revenue sources such as net app downloads, sales, in-app-purchases, subscriptions, returns and ads with revenue reports and payout tables
    • Get revenue figures, usage stats, and user feedback reports emailed to you and your team daily or weekly with easily set up custom reports
    • Appfigured also offers integration and open API for developers

Check out Appfigures Mobile for iOS here and Android here

Social Media

Research has shown that social media is used by 95% of B2B marketers as a part of their digital marketing strategy. These are the ones that marketers prefer the most.


Buffer helps you to create customised schedules for your social media platforms, thus helping you to share posts when you want to. You can also schedule your retweets on Twitter! You can also:

    • Use Social Media Calendar to plan your content from months ahead.
    • Use Buffer Analyze to find out what content is working for you
    • Create reports that will help you to analyse your performance and engagement on various social media sites
    • Save the hashtags that you use on Instagram
    • Get answers to questions that are usually asked about your social media strategy

Check out Buffer for iOS here and Android here


Hootsuite, the popular social media management platform, is used as a dashboard and integrates with sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube. On just one platform you will be able to curate content, schedule your posts, and manage members of your team. The app also has some inbuilt analytics with which you can measure your performance.

Check out Hootsuite for iOS here and Android here

Sprout Social

Sprout Social is a social media management app which helps to track social media campaigns, referral traffic, and conversions.

  • It helps to measure the levels of customer engagement and aides lead generation.
  • By using the app’s social listening features marketers are able to measure brand awareness, find out which are the most effective keywords, and also identify influencers who have a large number of followers.
  • The app’s feature of competitor analysis helps organizations to benchmark their own performance as against the competitors.
  • It helps marketers to find out about trends which helps to devise branding strategies.
  • Content can be planned and delivered as a team with the help of cross-network social publishing.

Check out Sprout Social for iOS here and Android here


This is a professional social media channel that is used extensively by B2B organizations to generate leads and connect with industry leaders. This site also helps one to know about the emerging trends in the market, find influencers, write on various topics, and comment on articles written by others. It thus helps to build a network which helps in creating a greater brand awareness.

Check out LInkedIn for iOS here and Android here

CRM & Email Marketing Automation

Although CRM platforms aren’t strictly sales tools, they are used by marketers to perform important marketing tasks like customer segmentation, campaign management, and others. The most popular CRM platforms are these.


Gartner’s 2018 study showed that customers voted for HubSpot as the best CRM lead management software. The app offers a full stack of software for marketing, sales, and customer service, together with a completely free CRM as well. HubSpot helps marketers to:

    • Build targeted lists
    • Automate email campaigns
    • See and analyse the metrics easily
    • Manage content with the help of the content management software
    • Reach out to customers easily with the Customer service software

Check out HubSpot for iOS here and Android here


The Salesforce app’s automated lead management and scoring capabilities is used by marketers to see important marketing metrics at a glance. For instance:

    • Analysing what is the pipeline that has been created for each account
    • Finding out the leads that have been generated by a particular campaign
    • Which are the most popular marketing channels
    • How much of the allocated budget is still unspent

Check out Salesforce for iOS here and Android here

Team Management and Collaboration

By using apps that help with team collaboration, reviews, sharing of projects, and others will become quicker, thus improving p[roductivity. The most popular team management apps are these.


Slack is one of the best messaging apps that is used by organizations today. It has different tools that makes communication easy, it can be integrated with other software, and notifications can also be customised.

    • When you create a channel, then all in the channel see the same message. This helps with file sharing and brainstorming about an idea.
    • You can easily switch from chat to a voice or a video call.

Check out Slack for iOS here and Android here

Google Drive

Google drive, a file storage device, is where you can safely store and share files in the cloud. When you upload content on the Drive, it gets stored in secure data centers. The app can be used from any smartphone, tablet, or computer. This app allows you to invite others who can view or edit your files and folders.

Check out Google Drive for iOS here and Android here

Getting More Done with the Right Tools

Mobile apps, with their interactive interface and ease of access, offer a customized and on the go experience – and that’s what sales and marketing people need the most. Hence, users are now spending more and more time on various mobile apps. As a brand, you can use mobile apps to grow your audience, communicate better with them, understand the needs of prospects, and grow your sales funnel. All this will ultimately result in better marketing decisions and improved sales performance.