Komatsu Gets A 75% Increase In Event Lead Capture With ScanBizCards

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About Komatsu

Komatsu Forklift USA markets, sells, and provides aftermarket support for Komatsu branded industrial equipment in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Latin American countries by a dedicated dealer network with over 200 locations.

We spoke with Michael Scaletta , General Manager at Komatsu Forklift of Chicago to learn about his team’s experience using ScanBizCards Enterprise Edition for Salesforce.

Komatsu sought a reliable lead-capture solution for events that’s tightly coupled with their Salesforce CRM

Komatsu faced a challenge with accurately capturing and exporting leads collected from business cards. About 20-30% of the contacts from business cards collected in the field failed to make it into their CRM (Salesforce). Considering the average ticket size of a deal and life-time value of a client for Komatsu Forklift, this was a significant number.

Manually entering data into spreadsheets was time consuming and prone to errors. Moreover, collating data from their large team of 28 sales reps was a real challenge. As such, a large number of business cards collected in the field ended up getting lost or discarded, which meant lost sales opportunities postnatally running into millions

Leads collected by sales reps from business cards were not getting captured in the CRM

Komatsu uses Salesforce CRM for their marketing and sales operations. With 28 field reps collecting more than 200 business cards every month, they needed to ensure that all their leads get:

  1. Collected in a timely and accurate manner
  2. Securely exported to Salesforce CRM

In the absence of an automated system, collecting contact information from business cards, and keeping a track of all the leads collected by different representatives presented a big challenge.

ScanBizCards Helped Maximize Sales Productivity

With ScanBizCards, Komatsu is able to manage and organize the flow of leads to their Salesforce CRM, making sure the leads are captured instantly and accurately.

With the market that Komatsu serves, the average ticket size of potential leads is large. With over 1200 leads captured just in the last six months, ScanBizCards has created $5 million in potential pipeline value.

Since subscribing to ScanBizCards just over 6 months ago, Komatsu’s sales teams have been consistently exporting over 200 contacts to their Salesforce CRM every month. Earlier, as Michael described — “we were doing around 115 in a month.”

With features such as Human Transcription service to transcribe business cards, and direct export to Salesforce CRM, the flow of leads from the field to the CRM system has increased by at least 75%. The time it took to do this has also reduced from days to hours.

Time-savings and Increased Sales Opportunities

  • Saved on Average 8+ Hours Monthly – Saved on average 8 hours every month, making 200 contact exports to Salesforce CRM.
  • Prevented Loss of 500+ Leads – Prevented the loss of more than 500 leads from business cards in the last 6 months.
  • Improved flow of Automation by +75% – Improved the flow of leads into Salesforce by over 75%.

With ScanBizCards, Komatsu has been able to:

  • Save on average 8 hours or a full-day’s work every month, making 200 contact exports to Salesforce CRM.
  • Improve the flow of leads to Salesforce CRM by around 75%.
  • Reduce the time taken to get leads collected in the field into the Salesforce CRM from several days to a few hours.
  • Prevent the loss of more than 500 leads from business cards in the last 6 months.
  • Maximize the ROI on their Salesforce investment.

“ScanBizCards has given our Sales Team the ability to collect and import data more efficiently which has given them the ability to spend more time in the field winning business. I would highly recommend this tool to any organization looking to help their Sales Team become more organized and successful,” said Michael