ScanBizCards has a new website and new app features

We’re excited to present our new website and some amazing new features and improvements to our app. Read on!  

We’ve got a couple of amazing new features, and more..

What’s the most important thing for you to do when hosting a conference, or setting up a booth at a tradeshow, or attending an event? It’s a no-brainer, really—you want to make sure that you capture every single contact.     

If you are not doing that, it doesn’t make much sense to spend thousands of dollars on such events.

However, if you are still using outdated techniques to capture event leads, like asking your prospects to fill out paper forms, collecting business cards in fish bowls (that never make it to your CRM), and renting event badge scanners, you’re not quite doing it the right way!.

What you need is an automated conference badge business card scanning app to scan all of your prospects’ contact details on the fly, automatically export the contacts to your sales CRM, and send email follow-ups..

ScanBizCards does all that, and much more.

We’ve added two major new features ScanBizCards (currently available to our US users only)  

  • Conference Badge Scanning: You can now easily save contact information from conference badges of your attendees at conferences, trade shows, and events.
  • Batch Scanning: You can now batch scan multiple business cards all at once.

In addition to this, ScanBizCards also has a new and improved Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to ensure higher scanning accuracy.

Check out our new website and social media pages

You can learn more about our new features, and explore our resource center on our new website.  

You can follow ScanBizCards our new social media pages to get the latest updates on our app, industry news, insights, perspectives and more. Here are our new  Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook pages.


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