How To Find Additional Leads From Your Email Exchanges

Studies have shown that over 90 billion B2B emails are sent globally each day. At a time like this when the COVID-19 pandemic has forced people to work from home, this figure will not reduce but rather grow. Email marketing has been an effective way to generate leads and will continue to remain so. However, with opportunities to network limited, can you find potential new leads from your email exchanges? The answer is, “Yes”. Read on to know how.

Earn Your Subscribers

If you send emails to a subscribed user base who have consented to be a part of your emailing list or campaigns, you will certainly get better responses from them. For example, if they download an eBook or Whitepaper from your website after filling out their contact details, or attend your webinar, or fill out a form, then you know that they want to receive emails from you. When this happens, you know that they will be in touch with you and you can nurture them from the top of the funnel to the bottom. This is a good sign as chances of converting such leads are higher.

Be Smart — Use Technology

The current lockdown has led to major events around the world being canceled. This poses a big challenge for a lot of businesses as a lot of businesses use B2B events as a key platform for engagement, and events are often their main lead-gen source.

People aren’t going out for meetups, happy hours, lunches or visiting each other’s offices.

In such a situation, marketing and sales teams can use technology to find new leads while confined to their homes.

The ScanBizCards app offers a creative way to discover additional leads from existing sources from your own email inbox.

ScanBizCards has a built-in contact capture feature – Email Signature Capture – that lets you capture contacts from emails automatically by scanning email signatures in your incoming emails and email chains.

If you’re a ScanBizCards user, here’s how you can connect your mail for Signature Capture.

If you haven’t got the app yet, you can download the free ScanBizCards app for iOS and Android and make use of this tool –

Offer Freebies

If your emails primarily focus on  promoting your product or service, after a while, these emails will see a dip in engagement and conversions (ORs and CTRs). Recipients will start to ignore or delete your emails. So, once in a while, do offer them freebies. These could be:

    • An early-bird discount
    • Exclusive offers – e.g., on renewals or initial sign-ups
    • Special benefits – access to new features, free eBooks etc.

You could also offer freebies to them if they refer you to others and forward your offers to others in their network. For example, you could send referral codes to people in your email. Each referral that the recipients make will give them something in return. This is something that Dropbox did with huge success – offering additional storage space for each referral – and it proved to be a great way to generate more leads.

Customize and Make Sure To Be Relevant

Customize the emails that you send. For example, you can make your emails personal by:

    • Customizing the subject lines
    • Sending links and attachments that the receiver will find relevant
    • Send offers that the receiver will be tempted to avail of
    • Send content that is pertinent to this industry and profession
Newsletters are Important

When you have your email list ready, make sure that you mail them a weekly newsletter as well. This should contain the latest trends in your industry, mentions about your brand and product, new strategies that you as a brand are taking up, and other tips and relevant news articles related to the industry. Newsletters help create prospective leads because:

    • The audience will see you as an authoritative figure in your industry
    • It will help in brand recall and thus help in conversions
Keep it Short and Direct

People don’t have time to read long emails – especially when they are already getting plenty of them in the day. Hence, don’t feel guilty to keep your emails short and direct. This way you will get their full attention and they will have more time in hand to take the action that you want them to take.

Also, keep in mind that you should keep your emails clutter-free and direct the potential leads on the landing page. This will trigger more conversions as they won’t be spending time looking for the product that will be useful to them but rather reach it with one click.

Strategize Your Emails

You can’t just send one or two emails to your prospects and expect that they will turn into customers – they need to be nurtured. Human beings like patterns and accuracy. So, when you follow a systematic approach, they will feel more comfortable communicating with you. Hence, you need to strategize your email campaign.

    • Start with a welcome email
    • Follow this up with emails that talk of your best blog posts, trends in the market, and others
    • Next share emails about your expertise and about your product’s USPs. This will help you to be regarded as an authority in your industry.
Automate Some of the Emails

Instead of manually typing each email, you should automate them. With automation you won’t have to remember when to send the emails – they will get sent! Email automation platforms like Hubspot, Marketo, Mailchimp, Salesforce Pardot and apps like ScanBizCards will help you in this regard. You can send templated and pre-drafted emails to specific segments at particular times.

Create Urgency

No one wants to miss out on an opportunity. So draft your emails in such a manner that the recipients feel that if they don’t take action they will miss out on a limited time offer. Do maintain honesty in your CTA though as otherwise negative words about your brand will spread. For example, if you plan to run an offer indefinitely, don’t say that the promo offer will close soon.

Make Emails Mobile-friendly

Studies have shown that more than half the total number of emails sent daily is seen on mobile devices. Hence, if the receivers are unable to view emails on their smartphones, such mails are likely to get treated as spam or go unopened. Hence, you have to design your emails in such a manner that they can be viewed on the small screen.


Email lead generation is cheaper than other options but needs time and tactics. Each lead needs to be nurtured – prospects don’t just become customers overnight. So follow these tips and you are sure to get more leads from your email exchanges

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