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ScanBizCards is proud to offer WebSync as a replacement for the former DYMO At Your Service (AYS) backup service for CardScan users. This Windows desktop utility is installed side-by-side on the computer running the CardScan Executive software (which is the software provided by DYMO) and keeps your local CardScan databases in sync with your ScanBizCards WebSync account. Your ScanBizCards WebSync account will let you access your contacts from any browser on any computer. With the ScanBizCards mobile app, you'll be able to carry all your contacts in your pocket, too.

How It Works
Register for a WebSync account.
Install the CardScanSync desktop utility for automatic sync and upload (Windows users) or upload CardScan files on the WebSync website (Macintosh and Linux users)
Download and install ScanBizCards app (available for iPhone, Android, and Windows phone) to carry all of your contacts in your pocket.

Note: Most users of CardScan have their CardScan database files (.CDB's) on their computer. If you know that you do not have your CDB's, and need to retrieve a copy of your contacts from AYS, please contact DYMO at: or 877-724-8324.

Windows Users
Running the CardScanSync desktop utility alongside the DYMO CardScan Executive software provides real-time, bi-directional sync of all your contact information. The CardScan Utility Tutorial provides step-by-step instructions.

Macintosh and Linux Users
When using the Mac or Linux systems, you will need to periodically upload your contacts if you scan more cards with your ScardScan Executive desktop software to see those contacts on the web. To do so, log into your WebSync account and click the "Upload CardScan File" link from the menu on the left (under the "Account" function).