7 Mobile Apps Sales and Marketing People Should Definitely Use

Staying productive is key to success in the current digital age. You need to keep track of your customers or users online, manage your interactions or meetings with clients and internal teams, and measure your progress for continuous improvement.

Luckily, there’s an app for essentially everything out there. There are a variety of business productivity apps available on the Google Play Android store and Apple iTunes iOS store to help you accomplish more. This article will help you to choose your best fit.

1. Google Analytics

You will not find many marketing guys who haven’t used this effectively. Google Analytics is popular, robust and does its job quite well. It is a web analytics app that lets you track the behavior of your website visitor. It provides valuable statistics and presents the report on the dashboard. The app lets you track the bounce rate of your website, the amount of traffic generated, social media statistics and much more.

See Google Analytics for iOS and Android

2. Slack

Slack is a virtual chat room and is built to replace email as the sole and primary mode of communication. You can easily send messages to your team directly and build a group with preferences. This app is extremely popular and is used by over 4 million business professionals daily. You will not lose information as the conversations can be easily tracked.

See Slack for iOS and Android

3. ScanBizCards

This is a superlative card scanner that uses OCR technology to record your contacts from business cards or conference badges and can export contacts directly to your CRM (Salesforce and many others). You can easily create personalized folders for each contact and it also lets you send intro emails to your contacts along with your picture. Available in both free and premium versions, this is one of the best business card scanner apps with over 2 million worldwide users – a great app for marketing and sales people who are always on the move.

See ScanBizCards for iOS and Android

4. Evernote

Evernote is quite a popular app among marketers. It is one of its kind notes taking features which is hard to find among other apps. The best thing is that it’s available on iOS, Android and Windows. This app lets you store images, contacts and eliminates the need to manually record your contacts list. You can easily upload your PDF docs, save audios and videos with Evernote.

See Evernote for iOS and Android

5. CircleBack

CircleBack is an automated address book manager which helps you to sync your contacts. That’s not all though as this app can do a lot more. It uses intelligent automated software to find new business contacts from your Google, Microsoft and exchange inboxes and removes duplicate contacts. This app also has a business card scanner feature that lets you scan your business cards and add instantly to your address book or to your CRM.

See CircleBack for iOS and Android

6. BaseCamp 3

This project management app can help you to collaborate and assign tasks to your salespeople. It can be used by teams of all sizes and is quite simple to use. You can easily add your team members with their details and help you to track your sales team. You can also create to-do lists with this app and set up reminders for upcoming meetings. The app is perfect for managing small and big teams and generates better outcomes.

See BaseCamp 3 for iOS and Android

7. Expensify

Expensify helps you to generate a one-click reports and makes it easy to review them. This is quite a handy tool for everyone because you can get auto reimbursement reports with approval and duplicate detection. You can easily review your sales expenses and view them just by tapping a button.

See Expensify for iOS and Android

These 7 apps can immensely help you to manage your daily sales tasks and reach out to your potential customers faster and more accurately. Make the most of them!

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